How to get data from orchestrator queue

I need to get data from orchestrator queue transaction item (only today data)


You can use get queue items activity…it has filters into you can add date as Cdate(Now.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy") + " 00:00:00")

This will get only today added items


How to write in output in excel


the output of get queue items is an ienumerable or queue items

Use Build datatable and create a datatable with required number of columns

you can use a for loop and provide the output of get queue items as the in argument and in the for loop properties select the type argument as queueitem

then inside the loop

currentitem.SepcificContent("Keyname").ToString will give you each value present in queueitem

which can be added to a datatable using add data row


after the loop use write range and write the datatable to excel


Can you explain it in code


This how it looks

After the lop use write range with the datatable


Where i have to filter in get queue


You can add the from field if you want all the items added only to day

Filter value: Cdate(Now.ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”) + " 00:00:00")


Getting option strict on disallows late binding in add data row in array row


Did you add .ToString

If yes then try like this

New Object() {currentItem.SpecificContent("Key1").ToString,currentItem.SpecificContent("Key2").ToString}

And I hope in build datatable you have configured all columns as string datatype


What is the arqument type for for each

It should be QueueItem


Getting error as qiven key is not found in the dictionary


Key is the specific content data you added to queeu…it should exactly match with the key given in the queue…please check the key you have given properly…it is case sensitive


Can you show sample queue and how data like status starttime end type exception type (business/application) is taken using add row


Start time - currentItem.StartTransactionTime
Exception or Success - Currentitem.Status - Thsi will give failed or success

if failed then you can get the exception type using - Currentitem.ProcessingException.Type (Not for success you will have thsi as NOthing only for failed this can be used)

So You can use like this for status (When succesfful you will get successful else will get the exception type) If(Currenitem.Status.Equals("Successful"),Currenitem.Status,Currentitem.ProcessingException.Type)

Please try these

If there are any output values that youa re configuring in queue then youc an use Currentitem.Output("Keyname").ToString (Again these are available only for success items for failed you wont have output values)

Currentitem.LastProcessingOn - Thsi will give the last time when the queue item is accessed

If you press currentitem. you will get all the options that are available as well



For exception reason


currentItem.ProcessingException.Reason - This will give the reason

Options under processException


In queue there are around 900 item,but only 100 is getting picked


There is a limit for number of queue items…

What you can do it you can run this in a loop…

And have a counter initialized with 0…
And you have a filter option in get queue items to skip x number of items….so add the counter variable there…

And inside the loop use counter = counter + qulsitems.Count

So the loop runs till the counter reaches maximum and continuously skips the the items that are picked already and gets new 100 items…

So the flow looks like this

  1. Build datatable
  2. Initialize a counter = 0
  3. Do while loop with condition as qulsiitems.count > 0…so this makes sure the while loop runs till the retrieved queue items count is >0
  4. Inside loop use get queue items and add the skip as counter and filter on the from as usual
  5. Now for loop for on the queue items retrieved
  6. Inside that add data row
  7. After the for loop use assign to increment counter
    counter = counter + qulsitems.count