How can I get queue items from Orchestrator and use them to create a DataTable or a FileName.xlsx?

  1. Items are like this in the queue

I want to add all the dates, open, high, low, close, … volume into a data table

You can use the “Get Transaction Item” activity & there you can pass the name of the queue & pass the output. Once you fetch this item, you can get these details by using TransactionItem.Specific.Content(“Date”) etc

Once you get all these values, put them in an array & assign to “ArrayRow” field of add data row activity after building the datatable with column names.

I am getting “The given key was not present in the dictionary” on all of them.

@samuel.chaane Refer this link

Hope this helps u


Thanks a lot, it worked a magic. TypeArgument “UiPath.Core.QueueItems” was the reason behind all this frustrations.

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U are welcome !! Happy Learning

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