Get all the queue items and store it in excel

Hellow forum,
I want to extract all the items present in the queue and then store them in an excel file. I have not been able to find an answer to this query. Any help would be appreciable.
Thanks in advance.

HI @Jayesh_Rathi1

Check out this video link


Hi @Jayesh_Rathi1

As suggested by @Gokul001 you can use get queue items but it has a limitation of 100 items so use it in a loop and use the skip property to skip and retreive the next set of queue items to get all the items


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Hi @Gokul001 ,
I have seen this video but the problem is i dont want to iterate through each queue item as i dont want to go through each column name.
Is there any way by which i can directly paste the queueitems into an excel sheet.

HI @Jayesh_Rathi1

I don’t think so we can able to get all the queue item at one go… You need to loop through and get the data.


Hi @Jayesh_Rathi1

You cannot avoid loop but if you don’t want to write the column names you can avoid that but again by using a loop on quls.SpecificContent.keys. So that dynamically you can create a table and add data to that.


have a look on the following:
similar to what we can do in orchestrator (Queues > View Transactions)

we can do also this via ORC Rest API on endpoint:

along with some other ODATA settings like filter, order, …

But the same, when the maximum of results per call is exceeded we do paging by top and skip settings