Interested in doing RPA associate certification

Hi, i was a java developer for 2 years. Then i was in manual software testing for smart appliances.
I like to be a RPA developer. But i saw in a ppt in website that the requirement is i should know .net/VB or C#. So am i not suitable for this course? Then the in training details, it has mentioned the following topics to learn.
UiPath Academy Self-learning:

  1. RPA Starter course
  2. RPA Developer Foundation Learning Plan
  3. Automation Version Control Systems course

I found the first two topics online. But i couldn’t find the last one. please help.

In the Project Organization you find sie Information about GIT, SVN and TFS.


Hi @gayathriec512

Basically when learning uipath for first time, there is no requirement that u need to learn or c# at first , what i am recommending is learn uipath first starting from the starter course , rpa developer foundation and then rpa developer advanced,
then do some usecases to become a expert in it.

After all ur learning, u can explore the languages like c# or as u will find very helpful during complex automation purposes and also helps to understand how uipath activities work

Hope the information helps you


Nived N

Happy Automation

Thank you. Do you have link for ’ Automation Version Control Systems course’ needed for the associate certification exam?


You can definitely start the learning with basic programming language background.

Once you complete the foundation training then you will feel comfortable with automation.

Below is the screenshot with filters on how you can start the UiPath learning with…

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You can find this course in the courses…

Just go to UiPath Academy( then go to courses and search with the keyword

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Oh Damn :wink: I knew that my phone only half displays.

Back on the PC I can also send you here is the direct link.

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Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. So do i need to all these three courses for associate certification from bottom to top? Sorry to ask too many questions.

Hey @gayathriec512
what kind of certification do you want to do? There is the UiRPA and the UiARD.

I have recently recertified with the UiARD. You will need more than just the 3 courses.

Have a look at this page. Here you can find information about what modules are recommended by UiPath.


Hi, I am planning to do UiRPA first.I lost my job recently due to visa issues. So i have time to study and like to change my career. I have two year of full stack java experience and 1 year of manual testing experience. Even i dont know , this is the best career path. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks

Yeah, sure.
So the pre-education is good, but helps only conditionally in the UiPath universe :wink:
You should go away from UiRPA and live according to the motto “Thing Bigger” and do the UiARD right away. It’s much harder, but you have time to dissect everything that is required down to the smallest detail and to do a lot of tests.
I can’t tell you how the freelancer market is in the area of RPA developers, but you should be able to find something in the area of (technical) consulting. But this also includes tutorials like the Business Analyst.

And to make yourself fit in the environment RPA is in any case no mistake!

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Thank you so much

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