I'm still confused on how to get started

Hello everybody. Please i would appreciate any kind of advice or guidance. I really don’t know where to start. As a complete beginner to UiPath and RPA in general, is there a comprehensive learning path to becoming a UiPath developer. Do i need to learn a programming language first? Or can i learn UiPath straightaway? Can i get a job with just UiPath certification?

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You can start Learning the courser for the academy by click the below link

For now you are as a beginner you don’t need for the moment.

Yes, you can start Learning


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HI @Veebo

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Anyone can learn UiPath , A little basics of programming language is good if no knowledge can also able to learn UiPath

Checkout the official academy page

You can start with Starter course and then you can go through the courses based on the Role

Yes you can , but you need to have more and more hands on experience and you should need a strong knowledge about the basics .

You can also checkout some youtube channels in which you can get complete package and you can learn there too

Happy Learning !!


Thank you for your response, i appreciate it

Appreciate your response. thank you