How to forward an already saved email

I already have email that is save to my computer and I want to forward it.

I have save mail message in “C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\SampleEmail.msg”
and I want to forward it to specific user.

Is there any way to achieve this kind of scenario?

I assume you are able to open “SampleEmail.msg” manually in Outlook client from the folder where you saved it in your local. I am confirming this just to ensure the .msg file is in a good shape.

See if the below helps you.

  1. We can open the SampleMessage.msg file using Start Process activity by setting the "File Name" property of Start Process activity with the following value.
    File Name: "C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\SampleEmail.msg"

  2. Use Click activity to click the "Forward" button in Outlook Window

  3. Use Type Into activity to fill-in the "To" address.

  4. With the help of Click activity, you can click on “Send” button.

Note: You can use Attach Window activity to attach the Outlook Window in case of any issue with Click activity and that way Click events work seamlessly.

We can use Powershell script or .NET code to achieve the same but I think this is one of the simple method to forward an email.

Let me know if you need any other details.