How to forward an Outlook mail with Attachment?

Hello, guys,

This is my first post here. Pretty great community! :slight_smile:

I usually enjoy figuring things out by myself, but I’m supposed to deliver a POC soon, and I’m running out of options.

I am supposed to simply forward an email and its attachment that I receive in Outlook to a specific email address, also adding some comments inside the body & subject of the email. The email contains an attachment.

If I use the default Forward function in the properties of Send Outlook Mail Message, it will do so, but I can not modify the Subject or add comments to the Body of the email. It does not forward the attachment either. :disappointed:

As such, I’ve been trying to workaround this by using Save Attachments to a specific folder. Trying to grab the attachment name as a variable, and then using that together with the path in the Send Outlook Mail Message properties to attach it. But it’s kind of complicated, because I can’t capture the attachment name just right. It will also need to be deleted after the forwarding.

I’ve searched for an answer in the forums, but no luck so far.

It’s a pretty simple task, so I posted here thinking there are probably other UiPath beginners such as myself dealing with this. I would really appreciate a hand, guys.

My thanks in advance,

Try this:

  1. Get the mail message using ‘Get Outlook Mail Message’.
  2. Save the email(mail message) as .eml using ‘Save Mail Message Activity’.
  3. Open the saved .eml file using start process activity.(it will open in outlook).
  4. Click on forward button.
  5. Edit To, Subject and Body according to your requirement.

Hello, @palindrome,

My thanks! I’ve managed to make it work.

can you please post a sample workflow for this


Is it not possible without opening the outlook?