Outlook mail forward with attachment(not use .eml)

Hi, I’m a new

How do I forward mail with attachment by not download mail as .eml and not to use “Start Process”.

I want to use “Send Outlook Mail Message” Activities, and then I can forward mail(including subject and body, but without attachment)
because attachment is not a string. How do I forward mail without using “Start Process” like this ?


my Main.xaml is here. Main.xaml (15.9 KB)

Dont Put anything in forward property

it will forward mail subject and body

@ImPratham45 thanks for your answer

Yes, I dont put nything in forward property. But I want to forward with attachment.

If you want to forward it as it is then directly putting that mail message in forward option it will send that mail with attachment

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very big thanks
that’s what I want.

Most Welcome!

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