Find element or text on screen


I need to find the element or text that can be anywhere on Screen.
It is in a tabular format having a header, below the header I need to click the text or element
There are 2 different tables, that can change the places anywhere.

I need to find a red-colored rounded one and click on it.



Try using ‘Anchor Base’ activity:

You can do it in this method also,

This can’t work,because of the element can change anywhere


I’m using Element Exist Activity, in that

If Export to SpreadSheet is available, the Condition should be “Y”, but it is throwing condition for every time “Y”. It Supposes to throw “No”. In case not Available

What is the reason???

Just keep Exist in the condition, remove the “=True” and check.
And also check before if condition in message box value of “Exist”.