How to find in which part of uipath re framework mark the item as failed in queue

If i got a system exception bot will retry it after completing the max retries the item will be marked as failure in to find in code in which part it stopped retried and failed


You can find it in the Set Transaction Status Xaml.

which is included in the Process Transaction state.

Retry Number xaml you can find it in the System exception under Set Transaction Status



What will be the output if it failed


Bot will Update the Transaction item as Failed after 3 Retries. Once it is exceeded the Retries bot will pick-up the new transaction from the queue.


How to find in which part of code it has exceeds the retry

Hi @sruthesanju

In orchestrator the logs are stored in the logs in automation tab. You can get the exceptions information in that logs. You can find the transaction number which is failed, in which activity it failed and what is the exception. It contains these information.
You will get the logs in the below attached image,

Hope it will help!!

Hi @sruthesanju

To track the specific part where the system exception occurred, retried, and eventually failed in UiPath, you can use logging and exception handling mechanisms within your workflow. Here’s a suggested approach:

Implement logging activities throughout your workflow to capture relevant information at different stages. You can use the “Log Message” activity to log custom messages and include details such as the current row or any other relevant information.

Wrap the critical sections of your workflow, where system exceptions can occur, within a “Try Catch” activity. This allows you to catch and handle exceptions appropriately.

a. Place the activities that are prone to exceptions within the “Try” block.
b. In the “Catch” block, you can log the exception details using the “Log Message” activity with an appropriate log level (e.g., Error).

Within the “Catch” block, implement a retry mechanism using the “Retry Scope” activity or a custom loop. This will allow you to retry the failed activities a certain number of times before considering it a failure.
a. Increment a counter variable each time the activities within the “Retry Scope” or loop are retried.