Possible to get number of times retried for current transaction?

Orchestrator transactions have a history page which shows how many times a transaction has been retried. This is compared behind the scenes to the queue’s retry number. Is there a way when working with an item in studio to retrieve how many times the current transaction (of type Uipath.Core.QueueItem) has failed?

The use case is that we want to retry a transaction (n) times. However, if the transaction fails on the (n)th time, we want a few additional processing steps to be completed.

Anyone know?

I’d like to do the following.

  1. Get transaction
  2. Try processing transaction
  3. On Application exception, if transaction has been retried (n) times, perform additional processing.
  4. Fail transaction as an application exception

@Dave If you are using the RE Framework, the io_retrynumber is already available in settransactionstatus.xaml
It is the retrynumber variable in the Main.xaml from the settransactionstatus workflow which you can use.

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Thanks! It looks like it’s in the io_SystemReserved dictionary under the key “RetryNumber”. It is also passed into the ProcessTransaction workflow as the argument in_RetryNumber like you mentioned.

It is grabbing it from the QueueItem property called RetryNo (of type integer) so if anyone is reading this at a later date you access it by UiPath.Core.QueueItem.RetryNo

I wish UiPath would just have a public page available that shows all of the methods and properties for each of their proprietary classes.


Is it possible to postpone a retry attempt? So for example, fail the transaction and don’t retry for 1 hour?

With the retry option, we cannot postpone.
But when a transaction fails you could add a new queue item and set the “Postpone” with the time you want.

transactionitem.RetryNo returns an integer and does what you’re looking for.