How to find icon in webpage and get related details?

I have got a webpage which has a table of account details. I need to fetch details of accounts which has red icons.
Bot should check for redicon. If it exists then it should click on the account name. Please refer screenshot for understanding,

Hi @Keerthana_Udayakumar

Use anchor base with anchor as find image and give the image you want and then in base give the click activity to click on account beside it


Hi @Keerthana_Udayakumar,

Also use “Check App State” activity to check if the Image exists.
Check App State (

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Sure. Will try that. But since have few more rows down it needs to search for each row if that image exists and then click on that row account number.

Hi @Keerthana_Udayakumar

For that you can use scroll activity if the immage is not found and loop to check for image again


Hi @Keerthana_Udayakumar

Will the red icon be there only for Personal value? If yes you can scrape the whole table and filter with Personal value else you can use explorer and see what specific classes are used in the RedIcons and extract accordingly.


Not only personal. It can be for any type. Refer screenshot attached.
And I have checked for classes. What should be done with classes? Could you please elaborate step by step.

Use UiExplorer to see how that RedIcon row is different in terms of Css classes with the normal ones then once you applying paging you can extract data from table.

Hello @Keerthana_Udayakumar
Use get attribute activity and find the attribute difference between standard data and Red icon data. Keep it as get attribute name and Loop it row by row by passing the Dynamic selector. And place the If condition, The variable from the Get attribute is Equals to the < RedIcon name in CSS >,then click it.

@Keerthana_Udayakumar, Try using Modern Design Click Activity wherein you can set Target and action. Set Target selector as image based for redicon and action selector value that needs to be clicked.

This seems to be fine. Can u elaborate steps. As I’m newbie to uipath. Like didnt get the looping process which you have told and also the if condition.

If possible, Share the URL of the website. It helps to provide you better solution

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Refer to this XAML file, you may get some idea (1.2 MB)

If any queries feel free to ask by message or post here with a screenshot.

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Thanks. This helped :+1:

I need a little clarity on steps can u share anyway to contact you?

@Keerthana_Udayakumar , Open my profile and click message button and send your query

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