How to manage multiple identical images in a web table

Hi to all,
I’m on Chrome, on a page that contains several lines, and icons.
Behind some icons, not all, there are LINKS.
How do I click on specific lines / icons?

I have such a table.

In this table I have to consider the “State” column and the last “Error Log File” column.

The rule is:
if status = complete then click on relative log error icon. (red icon)

considering that about 50 lines are displayed on the page, and the icons multiply in each line, how can I associate the icon with the line I’m working on?
I mean, I thought,
“I’m looking for a red icon on the page, if it exists …”
But red icons are always present and for example in line 2, the icon is gray, so I can’t enable search on the whole page, but line x line.

I tried to extract the data into the table, hoping to find the link behind it, but the log column is empty.

Can someone help me?

Thanks PPR,
A little complex for my knowledge… :roll_eyes:
I was hoping, collecting the table, to be able to categorize the columns of the icons, with the web codes for downloading the file.
But, the icon rows, are empty.

I noticed with a get attribute, that the parent_id changes.
If there is a file to download

If the file is not present, parent ID is always “react-xircl”.

now I have to figure out how to constrain it to the entire row.
If you have any suggestions, easy … :expressionless: