How to filter a scraped table (from website) with integer values

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I’m currently stuck with the problem that i want to filter a scrapped Data Table. The Data Table contains strings and integers. I want e.g. to filter the table according:

row(“Type”).Equals(“WI5”) AND row(“Status”).Equals(“Open”) AND values from Column WIID < 500000

Filtering the strings works perfectly fine, but when it comes to WIID (i believe the values are integers?) it doesn’t work. I tried filtering with the Filter Data Table Activity too, but it doesn’t work either.

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Try with select method like this
yourdatatable = yourdatatable.Select("Convert([WIID],system.int32)< 50000 AND [Status] = ‘Open’ AND [Type] = ‘WI5’ ").Copytodatatable()

Cheers @Mod0091

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wow, thanks buddy @Palaniyappan It works like a charm! :clap: The funny thing is that i even tried that solution yesterday too but it didn’t work and now its working :smiley:


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