Filter table on integers

How to use the filter table activity to filter rows based on an integer value…
For example… Col name :“Marks out of 625” >=550


Datatable name is DT.You can use query as
filtered_data = (from dr as DataRow in DT where Convert.ToInt32(dr(“Marks out of 625”))>=550 select Convert.tostring(dr(“requiredcolumn name here”))).ToArray

filtered_data(0) will gives the result if there is any matches

use if filtered_data.count>0
then filtered_data(0)
// no matching values

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How write these filtered data back to the same sheet… Eliminating the invalid rows or extra rows

check this

its better to write in other sheet as there will be leftovers

Hey @shrganes

If you will use “Datatable.Select()” to filter your datatable then it will return Datarow[ ].
So you can add the filterd Datarow and add them in the new datatable you want to add then directly write that datatable in the “Sheet2” by using same Excel application scope object of previously used Excel applicaion object.

Tip - To get any Example .xaml, You can search on the forum keyword like “Add Datarow into Datatable”. You will find plenty of examples on the forum.