How to extract x rows from excel

Hi, I have a sheet with few rows of description and a table starting from the 7th row. I was thinking of ‘ctrl+x’ 6 rows from the sheet1 and paste it to sheet2. Thus, the table in sheet1 will go to row 1 and i could read range from there onwards. But, I am not sure how to specify to get the first 6 rows only.

P.s. I cannot use get table range as it isn’t an excel table. I cannot be changing it to an excel table as robot is retrieving the excel from an email as part of the automation.

Any suggestions?

Thank you xoxo

Are you trying to move data from one excel sheet to another excel sheet? Can you share the screenshot?

If you want to extract X rows from Excel, you can mention the same in Excel read range. Eg: “F10:M20”.

And you can also provide the row numbers as variables.

Eg: “F” + startRange.tostring + “:M” + endRange.tostring

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Yes, sorry for late reply

  • You can use Read range with range “A6” and sheet1
  • Write range with range A1 and “sheet2”