Extract data from excel file

Hi Guys, i have struck with doing coding please me its urgent.

Mine example is: Input excel file has 3 rows and 4 columns .
Output should be like i should extract entire 1st row which should contain all 4 column

Please find the atatched image where ouput has only one 1 row which has all details related to kiran.

Please help me on this . Please guide me how to do this.InputFile OutputFile

Use read range activity

If u want to read 2 rows only
Range will be A1:D2 and then get data in datatable and use write range activity

i got it but actual output i need is: input has 3 rows in 1 excel file output should be 3 excel file. suppose input has 3 names kiran,sachin,ramesh output should be 3 different excel file where each excel file should only kiran details , next file should contain only sachin details like this .

Then try this

  1. Read range using range field blank
  2. Get data in datatable
  3. Use for each row
  4. Inside for each activity use write range with dynamic excel name
    So that for each row new file can be created

Can you please guide me how to use write range with dynamic excel name

Pass in the filepath of the workbook and/or the sheet name as a string variable

Is you found the solution yet? as i have same requirement and i am bit confuse

how to get specific data from excel?