How to extract data table from unstructured excel sheet

Hi, Can any one suggest how to extract data table(dynamic) from unstructured excel sheet?
I want to extract the dynamic data table and process the records one by one in a web application? Please suggest.

tried with Read range like range(“B13:N19”) buy my range keep changing.
Tried like range(“B13”), i thought it automatically calculates range starting from B13 to end of the data table but fails.

Can any one guide me on this, please?

sample.xlsx (10.1 KB)

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It should work and will read from B13 till end of the file.

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@tkatakam27, I hope this will help

  1. Use a read range activity and read the entire sheet data without giving any range
  2. You will get the number of rows using datatable.rows.count and store in a variable …
  3. Then in the second read range activity, give the range as “B13:N” + (count - 13).tostring
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This should work for sure
Kindly make sure that we are using EXCEL related activities and not WORKBOOK activities like get the read range from EXCEL activities package and not from workbook activities package

You were good with your actual steps and try with “B13”

Or only if we split tables then we may face this issue
Is that so
And if so we can get the count of the whole table with their number of rows
—use a read range activity and get the datatable as output named dt
—now use a assign activity like this
Out_rowcount = dt.Rows.Count
Where Out_rowcount is a int32 variable
—then use another read range activity and mention the range as
Where we will be getting the datatable with those rows alone from B13 till end

or if it’s a single table then mention just “B13” alone will work thus taking till the last cell value of the table from B13

Cheers @tkatakam27

Yes, it worked. Thanks for your time @HareeshMR, @Palaniyappan, @lakshman .


No worries
Cheers @tkatakam27

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