How to Extract table from excel sheet

I need help in extracting the tables in excel, suppose there are two tables in a sheet as below, how to extract only first table?
It is not actual table in excel so uipath cannot directly identify table name.

Extract table.xlsx (10.1 KB)

@anto.santhosh In Read Range activity pass the table range D5:I13

Table range is dynamic, it will change for every excel. And table rows will change as well.

I want to extract table from material code and stop when empty rows found. I know to find the cell address of material code but not sure how to find empty row and stop extracting only first two rows .

@anto.santhosh In that case you can use look up range and provide the string it will give you the cell address

but how to end once the table row is empty, can you share me the code please. I have attached the sample excel.

@anto.santhosh let say you got the cell address of initial column. In the Read Range provide the initial column value. it will read your whole data from that cell address. then use for each row and break the loop whenever there is IsStringNullOrEmpty(row.item(“column”).ToString)

still not able to figure out, can u share me the sample workflow please?