Extract some rows in Excel

Hi there!
I want to extract some rows from excel and range is AH10:AS10 and AH15:AS15.How to do it.

HI @guptasweb

Use Read range activity



Use 2 Read range activity and store then in 2 different variable



I have one excel file and there are many sheets.All of the sheets have same data.I want to extract some rows i.e 5 how to extarct it

Can you share the sample input file and expected Output @guptasweb

This is my input file-
ILT.xlsx (3.4 MB)
Output file-
output of il.xlsx (12.1 KB)

In the input we have alot of sheets cn you tell us which sheet need to extract @guptasweb

all the sheets that are ending with G i.e Drive G,CMC1 G, CMC2 G,PKMF G,RMF G