How to extract text from below images?

Hi All,

Can someone help extract text from below images.

1 captcha

did any of the OCR activities like intelligent OCR, google OCR, microsoft OCR were tried on this buddy


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Captchas are meant to stop bots from processing applications, if i were you, i would not even try to ocr those yourself, if you really need to do this, find online web services that will do it for you, but not free…


@Palaniyappan I tried Google ocr and microsoft ocr, but i am unable to extract the text. You can consider below images also with other 2 images.



i need to get text from all images.

@bcorrea I am trying those just because of automation challenges.

@Manjuts90 You need to buy extensions buddy. Uipath activities can’t extract the exact text from captcha everytime.

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@Manjuts90, Captchas are there to avoid bot activities. However if you still wanna do that, you check google for captcha decoders. There are some -


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Thank you all for the suggestions.

For those types of images, a simple Get OCR Text activity will do very easily :slight_smile:

@bcorrea Get OCR Text activity is not working bro.

i even did the two images you post there with default options and it worked just fine, are you using english language? any ocr engine will have no problems decoding those images…

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@bcorrea Thanks bro previously i checked with different images, it was not working because of it i posted in forum. Can you check for first 2 images, i am unable to extract the text from those images.

the first two images wont work because they are scrambled…

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@bcorrea Thanks for your response.