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How to get text from a captcha image? i’ve been working on it for days and i still haven’t got any answer… the captcha look like this…


Hi @Tammy1998,

We tried few days back this kind Captcha. But no luck as per my knowledge we can’t automate this kind of captcha because it will give you junk characters bot can’t identifies exact characters.

I tried bellow methods
1)Abby ocr-not working
2)Computer vission-not working(Azure cognitive service)

Possible ways1:If you have good knowledge on python and machine learning some what you can manage below is example

Possible ways2:You need to send your image captcha to some third party website they will send output string in your captch with in seconds below is example site


Omkar P

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hi @Reddy_Paluri

i am not knowledgeable both in Python and machine learning thus i’ve been struggling for days to find a solution. do you perhaps know any detailed tutorial about this. from installation to final output… thanks for recommending the second way… but i don’t really want to use any third party website…

Hi @Tammy1998,

I am also don’t know python and ML.But second way is final option and also it is paid service.Because you are sending image captcha to there website and they will send output same string back to you.

If any thing find tutorial related will send you.

Omkar P

Why are you so categorical? Just try to use our service, I am sure you will like it!

Have u find the solution please tell me, I am working on this problem.