Get text from captcha image

How can i read text from captcha image, correctly? Is there any component for this?

captcha1 captcha2

Captcha is a “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart”. The entire scope of Captcha is to limit the usage of robots so usually there is no solution to this.
There are a few services online that provide solutions for them for a low price / captcha but they are still solved by humans.
Here is an example if you are interested:

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Hi @ekaraoglu,

In captcha image words should be clear & background of that should be plain I mean without any blur like that,then only we can get the words from captcha.
It will depends on captcha.
Can you try with increasing scale.

There is no way we can achieve that but there are alternatives like abby fine reader and NLP to acheive this. But these are time consuming.