How to extract form field

Hello, currently i am trying to update the forms for my company. I need to add in 2 new fields for each form. the process works like this:

Form A, currently has 5 existing fields, i need to add in field 1, then extract field ID for field 1, then add field 2, then extract field ID for field 2.

For form B, it has 25 existing fields, and i will need to repeat the process for over 100 forms.

However the issue i have is that each form has a different number of fields so when i am doing my automation i am not sure how to make it so that the automation can recognize the correct field 1 and 2 i newly added in. because each time a new field is created it is added to the bottom of the form and i can’t control where it is placed. thanks for the help!

Hi @adelgui9 ,
Thanks for reaching out to UiPath community.

Use activities like ‘Find Children’ or ‘Get Attribute’ within an ‘Attach Browser’ activity to locate all the fields within the form.
Attach Browser activity: Specify the browser where the form is loaded.
Find Children activity: Use it to find all elements that represent form fields. Set the appropriate selector to locate these elements.

You can try these above two activities in the flow.


hello so when i load the page it will look like the first picture, when i click on the “short answer” which i renamed to “UEN”, the page will be the second picture, i want to retrieve the pre-fill “655c71a4c607d300114022d0” so i want the automation to be able to recognize what i want it to click

HI @adelgui9 ,
-Use ‘Open Browser’ or ‘Attach Browser’ activity to open the web page.
-Use ‘Click’ activity to click on the “UEN” field.

Now what you need to do is, After clicking on the UEN field, use activities like Get Text or Get Attribute to extract the pre-filled value.
Configure the Get Text or Get Attribute activity with the appropriate selectors to target the field that contains the pre-filled value.

And in addition, if you have a dropdown then Use activities like Click or Select Item to interact with the dropdown or relevant elements to expose the pre-filled value.


thanks for the reply, i understand to do that however the UEN will always be changing positions as shown in the picture it is the first field, however in other forms it can be the 10th or 5th or any other possible number as it is always changing so i want to know how to make it so that it will always recognize UEN and not only the first field

You can try this,

  • Attach Browser (Open the web page)
  • Find Children (Find all form fields)
  • For Each (Loop through found elements)
    • If (Condition to identify “UEN” field)
      • Click (Click on the “UEN” field)
      • Get Text/Attribute (Extract the pre-filled value)
      • Break (Exit the loop once the value is obtained)
        For identifying the UEN field, focus on unique attributes or labels specific to that field. This way, your automation will dynamically locate the “UEN” field regardless of its position within the form.


thank you but what does find children do in this scenario? and where should i click for it to work