Extract Data from Input Field

I have a web page and for different Employee have some Email ID’s are listed there in input fields. The number of Email ID’s are not fixed. Could 1 Email ID could be 2 or more.

I wanted to extract all available ID’s for that Employee.
I use the Data Scrapping but no luck. May be because it’s an Input Field.

temp email extra

Any new Idea of different logic would be appreciated.


Try Get Text activity inside Attach Browser, that should help you fetch the email IDs.

Hi @Gagan_Chaudhari

Have you tried Get Text Activity.


Yes I did use that but the question remain is.
What if Email ID are 4 or 5. Number of Email ID isn’t confirm
Do I have use Get Text again and again ?

@Gagan_Chaudhari Try with this this


Hello @Gagan_Chaudhari ,

Is there any maximum limit like some 8 Email Id’s? If yes whats you can do is:

  1. Use a while loop (i<=8) (i should be set to 1 in default while declaring.
    2)Use Get text activity ( Inside the selector there should be some value corresponding to the number like, idx, rownum etc). Replace that values with the variable “i” .
    3)You can do the next process like writing to excel sheet or copying to web page etc.
    4)increase the value of i. i=i+1

This will help to loop through each email id and get the value. You can add this While loop in a Try catch activity or use an element exists for the next email and use a break activity.

What Rahul_Unnikrishnan said but for a dynamic one, use data scrapping for something that can be data scrapped, e.g. the icons on the side, scrape anything you want from them and then simply use a .count method on the variable you stored them into which you can then feed into the while loop that Rahul mentioned.

Hey @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Thanks a lot for solution It’s Working fine, since I am new to Uipath can you tell me exactly where should I use Element exist and Break .


So here after you Get the First Text, you need to use an Element Exists on the second Text box.

Because in your case the number of email id can vary. Plz follow below step:

1)Start while loop
2) use Get Text Activity on the First Email Id.
3)use Element Exisits on the Second Email Id.( here you need to use i+1 to the selector .because for the second round in the while loop it need to check the 3rd email id and so on)
4)Add a if condition. If elements Doesnt exist, inside then add a break activity.

step 3 needs to be properly modified to dynamically select the next email id. For example, after 3rd email id, if 4th email id doesnt exist. it will break out of the loop.

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