Extracting formdata in UiPath.Form.Activities 23.4.3

With the latest version of the UiPath.From.Activities package, there has been significant changes to how forms are created. I am facing an issue, with one of our old workflows, which I am trying to rebuild with the new package version.

This issue I am facing is this:

We used to feed our form (“Create Form” activity) with a List, which was displayed in a dropdown via the “Field Key/Property Name” inside the form. After the user made a selection, and submitted the form. We extracted the selection by parsing the FormFieldsOutputData to a JObject, and the extracting the specific content from that JObject.

With the new version of the package, and the use of “Show form” activity. There is no longer an option to extract the output data (FormFieldsOutputData is no longer a property of the activity). How do I go about extracting the data?

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@pt1 did you ever get this resolved? I’m trying to do the same thing, but on 23.10.5 of UiPath.Forms.Activities.

I have tried using the “Get Form Values” activity, but after the “Show Form” activity, and I click “Submit”, I think the form is destroyed because I get the “The form was not found. Please make sure that you have shown the form before and that the Instance Name you’re using is correct (FormNotFound)” issue.

To be clear, it looks like I’m attempting the same thing you are. We are successfully passing in (binding) a List to a drop down, but we can’t determine which value was selected (there is only 1 Field Key setting to bind to external variables it would seem)