How to extract data from pdf

i want to extract data from pdf(such as invoice number) and i use get text for extracting this particular field.but it will not extract this data from pdf .how can i fix it??

you can use Regex to extract specific details like invoice number…

how can i use it.?

First use Read PDF text if your pdf is digital one if your pdf is scanned you can go with Read Pdf with OCR and use any ocr
the use Matches activity to extract specific data from PDF!
Cheeres @arijit1213

can i see the sample pdf so that i can send you the solution!

can i have to change the adobe reader setting for extract text using anchor activity and get text activity?

you can use CV Activities if you want !

i want only invoice no but the selector capture the whole can i fix it??

you can use Matches activity to extract invoice number
just use this patter (?<=Invoice No).*
cheers @arijit1213

pls check the above screen short.
thank u

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