OCR Specific Field data

Am having total of 5 purchase order pdf documents, all the documents are in same format, if i want to extract the specific Field value (eg: purchase date and product name Field) I want to extract only those fields from the list of pdf files and process it, I can i achieve can someone show with an example?..


If the PDF is an structured one, you can use the “READ PDF” Activity. Else, you might have to use UiPath OCR Activities.

When you get the full text, you can use RegEx in order to get the specific data or split sequences.

Hope this helps.

Hi @monish06 - You can use anchor base activity to do this.you don’t have to use any OCR activity if invoice is in text format.
You will find example in this link.
https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/anchor-base .

Also check the compatibility of Adobe reader with Uipath as well.

Hope it will help you.


This helps, but after reading the pdf files can I extract the results as a string?.

You will get the result in string only.

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