Invoice Data Extraction .PDF

I had an invoice and want to extract some data into it like invoice number , Date , Amount and description and export this data into excel .
i tried to use regex but can’t do that ,
if you can help me to build activities to extract these data .


provide sample pdf file

JaneDoe_01092020_130792.pdf (17.6 KB)

@Hesham_Elsayed_MiddleEast use read pdf ocr activity to get the text

i want to build an automation to extract the data from PDF the transfer it to Excel also to extract the data in to Excel sheet .


I understand your problem statement. In this case you would need to use Document understanding to extract the data from invoice. Please try to automate with document understanding.

Steps to Extract Invoice Data from a PDF File
Step 1: Create Your Personal Account.
Step 2: Create or Forward a Sample PDF Invoice.
Step 3: Select Your Invoice Fields.
Step 4: Choose Your Integrations.
Step 5: Set Your Email Parsing Rules.
Step 6: Extract Your PDF Invoices into an Excel File.