Pdf data extraction for specific element


I want to indicate a specific invoice number from pdf document. For that, I was using “GET TEXT” activity to indicate the pdf document. When I am trying to indicate it was selecting the entire pdf. I want to select only a specific invoice number. Help needed

Thanks, advance…

@NikhilRPA If “Get Text” is not working then

  1. Download “UiPath.PDF.Activities” and use “Read PDF With OCR”
  2. Use “CV(Computer Vision) Get Text”

Please refer the link

@MartianxSpace Hello I am getting error when I use “CV Get Text”
and I used Read PDF With OCR.
But, My question is I want to indicate onlyCapture specific invoice number

@NikhilRPA in which application you are opening the PDF file? is it Microsoft edge or Adobe PDF reader?
If your are opening it in Microsoft Edge then it won’t detect any specific text, it will select the whole page as one.
You have to open it in Adobe reader. Then use

  1. Get Text
  2. Download “UiPath.PDF.Activities” and use “Read PDF With OCR”
  3. Use “CV(Computer Vision) Get Text”