How to extract counts from dashboard from different sections by scrolling page?

In a dashboard screen we have counts in different sections. To extract counts from different sections we need to scroll page sections & need to extract counts & check count=0 or not
how to extract with get text not working
Can anyone please guide?

Hello, @vnsatyasunil, this might help you to reach you solution:

  1. Use “Screen Scraping” or “OCR”: If the elements containing the counts are not identifiable by traditional UI automation methods, you can try using the “Screen Scraping” or “OCR” (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities of UiPath. Screen Scraping allows you to extract information from the screen by capturing the text as an image and then using OCR to read the text from the image.
  2. Use “Find Image” or “Find Element” Activity: If the elements with counts have specific visual cues (icons, colors, etc.), you can use the “Find Image” or “Find Element” activity to locate and extract the counts. You can use image recognition to identify specific visual elements on the screen and then use relative position-based actions to extract the counts.
  3. Use JavaScript Injection: If the dashboard is a web application, you can try using JavaScript injection to extract the counts directly from the HTML elements on the page. You can use the “Execute JavaScript” activity in UiPath to run custom JavaScript code to fetch the counts.
  4. Use Data Scraping: If the counts are part of a table or a list on the dashboard, you can use the “Data Scraping” wizard in UiPath to extract the data into a DataTable. The “Data Scraping” wizard allows you to select the data in a tabular format and automatically extracts it into a structured format.
  5. Use Anchor Base Activity: If the elements with counts are located near a fixed reference point or anchor on the screen, you can use the “Anchor Base” activity to find the reference element and then use relative selectors or image-based actions to locate and extract the counts.

Hi @vnsatyasunil

=> Use the Mouse scroll activity to scroll down the page.
=> After that use the Get text activity to extract the text of count.
=> Then use If condition to check the Count is equal to 0.

Hope it helps!!

we have 20 sections side by side in a screen. If count =0 then we have to send in mail specifying that section name in mail body


use “Open Browser” or “Attach Browser” activities).
Use the “Scroll” activity to scroll through the page sections where the counts are located. You may need to adjust the scrolling direction and the number of times to scroll based on the layout of your dashboard.
To extract counts: a. Use “Screen Scraping” activity and indicate the first count element to get its value. Save it in a variable called countValue. b. Use an “If” activity to check if countValue is equal to “0”. c. Add actions based on the result: if count is 0, handle it; if not, proceed with the workflow.
To repeat for other sections, use a “Do While” or “For Each” loop.

How to use find image activity? we have to find red color count section in screen and get that section name.
Please help?

Try this:

  1. Add “Find Image” Activity: Drag and drop the “Find Image” activity from the Activities panel into your workflow.
  2. Indicate Red Color Section: Click on the “Indicate Image on Screen” button in the “Find Image” activity properties panel. Then, move the mouse cursor to the red color section on the screen that you want to find. The “Find Image” activity will capture the image of the red color section.
  3. Image Options: In the “Image Options” section of the properties panel, you can set the options to fine-tune the image search. For example, you can adjust the accuracy, timeout, and similarity threshold to improve the accuracy of the search.
  4. Output Variables: The “Find Image” activity has two output variables that can be used to extract information about the image search:
  • FoundElement: This variable will store the UiElement that corresponds to the found image on the screen.
  • Result: This variable will store a Boolean value that indicates whether the image was found or not.
  1. Check if Image Found: Use a decision activity or an If condition to check if the “Result” variable is true (image found) or false (image not found). If the image is found, proceed to the next steps to get the name of the section.
  2. Extract Section Name: If the image is found, you can use activities like OCR, Get Text, or other image-based activities to extract the name of the red color section from the UiElement stored in the “FoundElement” variable.
  3. Perform Desired Actions: Once you have the section name, you can perform any desired actions, such as logging the name, using it in further processing, or taking specific actions based on the section name.

Cheers!! :slight_smile:


Follow the steps

  1. Use for each ui element activity and indicate each section in it and not the count
  2. Inside for each use the find children activity to get the count and the name of the section for this you can pass the current element as input to find children then in filter give <webctrl aaname='SectionName' /> or some unique filter to get only count and section names …this is an example on how to give
  3. Once you get the children use get text to get the values…if scroll is mandatory first use hover activity with section as input so that most if the times it auto scrolls to the given element

Hope this helps


can you please share any sample workflow. Not able to get count through find children


Without website its difficult…if you can share can give a sample…else let me know what you tried and where you are unable to proceed …can guide on the same


Can’t share. I have a dashboard page with different section names & the counts highlighted with colors below that section names like this

section1 section2 section3
33 367 3

New counts
new section new section2 new section3
77 789 39
new section4
scenario is need to check all these counts & if count=0 then issue exists or else no issue


I understand the concern…the way is as above…where you are struggling is something unknown…did you indicate the full section in for each ui element?

and after that used find children


In for each ui element I clicked add element & clicked every section then used find children & then get text.
For find children I clicked count in filter aaname what to be given?


In find children filter give the tag of count element and whoch unique identified count something like

<webctrl tag=‘DIV’ innertext=‘Count*’ :>


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