Get visible text and then scroll and repeat

As you can see on the screenshot below I am extracting data using get visible text but get vis text activity can only extract if the text are visible and the data are too long and it is scrollable.

How do we make the bot to keep on getting the data using get visible text and then keep on scrolling until we reach the bottom and already have extracted all the data ? .

So the idea is bot will extract the first visible data after that the bot will scroll to extract the next list of visible data until all data are extract and nothing more to scroll.

Do anyone has technique or idea when it comes to that ? . Thank you , help would be much appreciated.

Other activity like screen scraping and data scraping does not work on my app .

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Any idea ? thanks


Just a quick suggestion - does send hot keys for ‘page up’ or ‘page down’ work?

Hopefully you find your answer.


@Steven_McKeering Yes Sir the page-up and page down using hotkey works.

Can you give me an idea of what you mean Sir ? Thanks


Hi @AhmedKutraphali,

you can increment the row value and fetch the values.


what do you mean by that Sir @Pradeep_Shiv

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Do you have some examples ? Thanks much appreciated

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When you indicate on first row of an element you may get the number of rows available, go through the Selectors (use UiExplorer)and you may get the count.
Based on the visible row count and total row count, do the math and use While condition to fetch all the Rows.


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i dont have sorry,

use CV Activities and try to fetch the data if it’s not working!

no , the desktop app I am using does not indicate those selectors that is why I have come up to thus solution.

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You’ll get the selectors, use CV!

what CV activity you mean ? . I am currently using an OmniPage OCR

its computer vision activity

can you be specific if what activity ? there are a lot of cv in uipath


Does the hot key page down move a whole page perfectly? If so you could use that.

Try these steps:

  1. Add all entries into a datatable.
  2. Use transactionID as a way to uniquely verify each line.
  3. Scroll down by clicking image of the down arrow or using page down or an arrow key.
  4. Scrape all fields again. IF you find a new transactionID then add to DT.
  5. Continue this process for ten times then stop. (If more you will get the rest next time).
  6. Process each transaction.

Hopefully this helps a bit :slight_smile:


could you please share any example workflow i am confuse 3 point which activity use here to scroll down


Use either a:

  • click image activity of the scroll down arrow (where you would normally click to go down the page)
  • send hotley for page down
  • send hotkey for arrow down

Thank you so much i really appreciate if you could share any workflow