Data srcraping

Hello, please your help.

I am using data scraping to extract a column of data from a page, but the page is very long and only extracts the visible data.

that is, it does not extract all the data.

What can be done in these cases?


can you try with extract table data activity, and checking in limit extraction property to No Limit



no encuentro esa propiedad.

Pero creo que no extrae todos los datos por que la pagina es muy larga. y solo extrae los que se ven en front.

intenta poner el MaxNumberOfResults en 0 y prueba


Here if its not loading even with data extraction it will fetch only the visible text. If it is available on the next page we can navigate to pages by giving the navigation button.

In your case my opinion is to use either of the below 2 methods.

1- as you need to fetch only one column,
Use a while loop(provide the condition as maximum limit i<200) considering maximum you will get only 200 records

  • use get text and loop through each item ( you need to get the selector with rownum or idx which gives the element position.

-use element exists to check the existance of 2nd row item .

  • if not present use sned hotkeys- down
    -again use element exists for 2nd row
  • if presnt use a delay, else use break activity.

2ns approach- use loop along with send hotkeps and table extraction.


During data extraction process a PREVIEW screen will be coming
There mention the property MaxNumberOfResults as 0

This will ensure that all records are fetched

If you can see here you have mentioned only 100 change that to 0

Cheers @alexis.mendoza

The solution seems interesting to me, but I can’t understand it well. u.u I am a beginner in uipath.
I can’t visualize how to do that routine.

Could you give me a little more detail?

The page is only very long, there are no elements in the following pages, it is only one.

Hi @alexis.mendoza,

I think your problem is not datascraping. Your problem is mostly the loading of rows on the whole page.

For this, you can bring the scroll bar to the end with the pg dn command in the do while loop. When this process is complete, you can extract all the data with datascraping.


How do I do the extraction with a do while loop?

Can you share a screenshot of when the whole screen loads to understand this?

The image you pull the scrollbar on the right to the bottom.

i can´t understand you–.

I wonder what is at the end of this field. We can suggest different solutions depending on the situation.



no funciono u_u


can you helpme?

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Hey @alexis.mendoza

This says you are using a responsive website right ?

When you scroll down the table rows get loaded dynamically?

Is that correct ?

Also, do you have multiple pages as well.


yes it is, but it is only one very long page, there are no more pages.