How to enter data into a SAP table?

Hi All,

2 day UiPath rookie here, hoping for some help!

I am trying to automate SAP entry and have hit a problem with filling information into the type of SAP form shown in the screenshot (the highlighted area needs to be filled as an example). This is the SAP ME51N “Create Purchase Requisition” transaction by the way.

I have tried all of the methods for text entry (e.g. type / click and type) on this table, but the text always seems to end up in the text box above the form, not in the cell I selected when recording. Now I’m stuck…

Can anyone suggest a method that will work to enter text into this type of SAP form please?

Many thanks in advance,


hi @xraydelta1

Are you able to use Attach Window the Application and use send hot key as tab and ensure it is able to navigate to the Material Field

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2, many thanks for your reply!

I hope this is what you meant - I attached the table window using Citrix recording “scrape relative” and then sent Tabs as hot keys to skip between fields.

This kind of works in that the tabs select & skip the fields above the table (e.g “ZS Solution Bus. PR” and subsequent fields), but the tabs do not get me into the table (an exception is thrown when the fields above the table have all been tabbed through).

I’m probably doing something wrong with the “Attach Window”. Would it be possible to explain this a little more?

Many thanks again!!