Send Hotkey Enter is not working on SAP screen


I am entering some data in SAP. I need to use send hotkey enter twice to open specific screen but it is not working in attached window activity also. Due to sap functionality click is not supported.
Is there any other method for using send hotkey or enter key?


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You can use Type Into with string “[k(enter)]”. There are no other methods aside from Send Hotkey and Type Into for sending keystrokes.



Could you share the screenshot for the above issue.
I know SAP well, so can you tell which tcode or table you are using here?

There are 2 things here:

  1. Once you use TypeInto activity - add Enter into it
  2. Try to use focus/howver the screen and use hotkey

Hope this helps

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I am creating Sales Order in SAP using tcode VA01. I want to click on Header icon to go to next screen. I have tried set focus along with type into but still it is not working. I have tried it as below,

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Usually we could click on element in SAP window if SAP GUI is enabled
If it is enabled then we could use normal
Click activity with Double option enabled in Click Type property

still we can use click image Activity with DOUBLE option chosen in Click Type property


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Thank you all for your response.
SAP GUI functionality is enabled. But it is button feature may be customize that it is not allowing with click or double click.

So I tried with SAP toolbar enter key and it works.


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