How to enable chrome extension if Studio is not available in server

Hi all

I have studio installed in a different server and bot in a different server,while running from orchestrator it is showing error as “Enable browser extension”.but there is no studio available in the server how can i enable chrome extension there please help!!!

(i tried enabling it by using the same URL i used to enable in the studio installed server but even after enabling iam getting the same error)

Hi @Divya_Gomathy
Open UiPath studio wherever it is installed. Click on SETUP > Setup Extensions > Chrome

This will open an url in chrome. Copy the url and open it in the server where you want to add chrome extension.

HI madhavi ,Treid enabling the URL using the commmand prompt and it worked.Thank you :slight_smile:

Below are the steps:
From the Command Prompt
Click the Windows Start button and type cmd in the search field.
Right click on Command Prompt and run it as administrator.
Change the directory to the UiPath installation folder (cd C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\UiPath).
Run the SetupExtensions file by typing SetupExtensions.exe/chrome.

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Hi Divya,

This Process works for me as well with a minor tweak in the path. It should be C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath\SetupExtensions.exe/chrome .


Can anyone tell me if a “UiPath browser extension” will need to be installed on browser on user’s desktop where a bot will run the script? Does it mean the UiPath uses the extension during run time of the bot and script?

Hi @Gaurav_Sharma

Yes, if the robot is supposed to make use of the browser that requires the extension. Otherwise it will not be able to communicate with that browser.

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Hi divya,
i am not getting this folder ’ uipath studio ’ in program files (x86) folder
can u help me on this?



Hi @niteshbutola5

The Community Edition installs under