Issues installing UiPath Robot and Chrome extension in Production

Our Production servers there is only UiPath Robot was installed.

We need install UIPath extension on chrome in Production servers and it is failing. We don’t have Studio installed in Production.


Welcome to our uipath community.

Go to Chrome -> Extensions and search for Uipath extension and install it.

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Hello @BrettWentworth

Welcome to the community!!

May I know what’s the error that you are getting along with the failure message?

welcome to uipath community
did we try with this method

Cheers @BrettWentworth

Perhaps I need to clarify here. On our Production environment, we don’t have Studio installed.
As far as I was aware we can only install the Chrome extension by using Studio.

Since we don’t have Studio on our Production servers, how do we install the Chrome extension?

Hi. We are not actually getting an error. I thought we needed Studio to install the extension. We don’t have Studio on this Prod server.