How to edit XML editor of Extract Table Data to include full text (text is hidden on hover)


I am trying to use the Extract Table data function on UIPath Studio on [this].(Courses |

However, the full title of the course is hidden on hover. Is it possible to edit the XML file to get the full title instead?

Thank you!

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have a look here:

give a try on following:


thanks for your help. I saw this post earlier, but im not sure what to replace in the “attr” portion.
Do you have any idea?



as mentioned in the tutorial: we change the attribute from text to title as we want to grab this attribute value

but when inspecting the structure it has to be done on div level

Sorry, how do i change it on a div level? changing text to title doesnt seem to work either


we do this as described in the tutorial manually:

<column exact="1" name="Column1" attr="title">
		<webctrl tag="div" idx="1"/>
		<webctrl tag="div"/>
		<webctrl tag="div" idx="2"/>
		<webctrl tag="div" idx="1"/>