How not to scrap hidden elements during web table extraction?

Hello there!
I am scraping table from the web, and all is ok, but the problem is UiPath scaping also hidden elements, which i dont need.

So in my case all table rows that i dont need has attribute hidden = “”. Rows that i need - dont have that attribute.

I tried to change the metadata xml, but i dont really see where and what i can change. My metadata xml looks like this:

<extract-table get_columns_name='1' get_empty_columns='1' columns_name_source='Longest'> <column name='О' attr='fulltext' />
 <column name='К' attr='fulltext' />
 <column name='Н' attr='fulltext' />
 <column name='B' attr='fulltext' />

Can someone suggest solution please?


Do you mean you dont wnat some rows?

If yes meta data will not help in it

Rather after getting data we can see any difference and try filtering the data

If its column then you can edit the table extraction and remove the columns you sont need


The problem is there is no difference after, but I saw at some videos that I can select different attributes by meta-data, no?


Only few attributes are supported for that…and hidden does not fall under the attributes that are needed

you can try including it but not sure if it would work…if you can provide the site even we can check if there is any possibility

if there is a css-selector difference even that can be used


Unfortunately it’s a government website, so it doesn’t have any public address. I don’t understand why I have small xml and there are no rows, but in the examples u send there are row tags. How do I transform it?

And yes, there is css display:none tag on the elements I don’t need. Can it help?


You can add them…there is no trnasformation…it sa tag you can add and then inspect your element…and check what exactly is the tags inside the rows…

And use those tag names and the idx would be 1 by default unless the tag is repeating


Can you please explain me how it will look like?

I have table tag, inside tr tags, and inside is td tags.
Some td`s have css property of display:none so how I not to include them?