Unable to modify "Extract Metadata" XML values in Extract Table data activity

I am new to the UI path. As a learning exercise I am trying to scrap the data from Amazon top deals listing page. I have added an activity “Extract Table Data”, which is working fine for 90% of the listing products in a page. However for other 10% it is unable to pick the text. Reason being there are few pages where prices are slightly different.
I can fix this issue If I define the class name in the XML extract metadata. I tried to use UI Explorer and got a working WebCtrl however when I use that within XML of extract metadata, it hides that column when I preview the data.

Here is the XMLcode:

Hi @Rahul_Lamba

One way to solve this issue is to modify the selector to capture all the data. You can try using the UiExplorer to capture the selector for the 10% of the data that is not being extracted correctly.

Once you have captured the selector, you can modify the selector for the “Extract Table Data” activity to include the new selector for the 10% of the data.


Yes you are right but is there any way to avoid this redundant work?

Wish I could show my code, UiPath not allowing me to upload my main file.

use the format </> button from editor, so you can share the extract metadata xml

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