Datascraping on a webpage with hidden text

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to data-scrape a table on a webpage with almost 1000 items in it. But the problem is, for each item I have to hover over it inorder to find the hiddentext. This is taking hours if I use hover mouse activity on each item. Is there any other way I get it done quicker ??

@Vinay92 - Welcome to UiPath Community!

You can check the html source where the tooltip retrieving from (usually it will be from element title tag)
if yes - you can try with Get Attribute activity with title tag as attribute and verify.

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Thank you, will try that :+1: :smiley:

cheers… let us know if it works or not…

@GBK , If you dont mind … can you walk me through the process. I’m actually new to UiPath…