Get list of running web apps using browser task manager

I am using Studio Pro “modern” activities.

It’s pretty easy to find out which desktop apps are running, by using the Get Processes activity, for example. I’ve found it a bit more difficult to find out what web apps are currently running in what browser tabs. I’ve read there is a version of the Win 10 Task Manager that addresses this issue, but I don’t have access to it. I’ve looked for a Powershell solution, but haven’t seen anything.

It turns out that Edge and Chrome have their own browser task managers. You can open the Edge BTM by starting Edge and clicking shift-escape. I thought it would be easy to create a workflow that would open the Edge BTM and grab the list of running web apps, but I can’t figure it out.

When you open the Edge BTM, it looks like a table, but UI Explorer says it isn’t:

There is no row tag, but there is an ‘idx’ reference to ‘7’. My limited understanding is that ‘idx’ was used for non-greedy selectors. This seems to be the case, because when you try to use Get Text, the activity reports that every column and row in the BTM looks the same.


Can anyone give me an idea of how to loop over the data in “column 1” when there is no column?

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If you are able to get data in a datatable.

We could use for each row loop and if we assign row to for each loop you can iterate first column if you don’t have any nane or your not sure about the column pls try like below. Thanks.

BrowserValue = CurrentRow(0).tostring


Can you check below for your reference?

Hope this may help you


@Kir - I appreciate your response but unfortunately I have no idea how to grab the data in the browser task manager.

@Srini - Thank you, but Get Processes does not return the details of what web apps are running in browser tabs.