How to edit process from Orchestartor package

Hey all

I was reinstalling windows and forgot to backup one project that I am using frequently. It was published to Orchestrator. How can I edit it in Studio after downloading it from Orchestrator to local directory?

Hi @mateuszmacheta ,

Is the package downloaded from Orchestrator a .nupkg file ?

If so, try to change the extension of the file from .nupkg to .zip and Check if you are able to extract the contents from the zip file.

Let us know if this doesn’t work.

Hello @mateuszmacheta

You can download the package from cloud as below.

Then the package will get download as .nupkg file. Then unzip that .nupkg file->go to lib folder.

Inside that you will be able to find the .xaml files.


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Yes, that worked. Did not know it was so simple. Thank you!

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