How to drag and drop items from "A" to "B"

Hello guys,

I’m facing a problem with drag and drop items.

I know that the usual method to do this is:

  • click down on the element;
  • hover (should we do the hover on the “A” element or on the destination location (B)?)
  • click up.

The example that I’m testing it is to drag and drop an excel file to a folder on the same location.
Please see the screenshot below:

Could anyone help me?

Thank you,

Hi @FranciscoAraujo

do you want only to move file or you want to use this specific method to do it (drag and drop) because move file can work in the background and it is more safe and easy to use.

Hi Reda,

I want to use this method because I’ll need it for another application. Since It’s not working in this application, now I’m testing it with file explorer on Windows.


HI @FranciscoAraujo
I had this problem before but it was drag and drop between two applications, can you please describe the current behavior that you have?

Hi @reda,

What is happening now is that the bot click on the element, hover it and then it doesn’t drag to the destination folder. It stands still waiting.

If I move the mouse manually, it will click on the destination folder.

okay can you try this:

go to hover properties ==> options ==> postion and change it to Top Right for example

I already did that…

The hover should be on the original or destination element?

Is hover actually required? Click down and click up alone should do the job right?

For this specific activity, you’d need a single left click too, to imitate exact manual drag-drop.

Try this

For some reason, single click at destination folder worked for me instead of click up


In fact the hover must be on the destination file I should have seen this and mention it once I saw the original image of the post, anyway it works this way but the strange behavior is that the hover freezes for some seconds and then it responds and sometimes it doesn’t respond at all, it is not a reliable method…

But what @farhan94 has proposed is on point it works perfectly.

Here is a workflow that does this enjoy :slight_smile: (30.4 KB)


Hello @farhan94,

Thank you for your solution! It worked for me with this example (with files and folders).

In other situation that I need this, in a specific application, I only figured it out with an Hover.
Don’t understand very well the reason behind that but… it’s working :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Hello @reda,

Thank you for yours suggestions. :slight_smile:

In my other use case, It works with an hover and the position of the click up different from the position of hover’s click.

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