How to drag and drop between applications

I read the post in this knowledge base to use drag and drop but the example shows the use of drag and drop within the same application window (dragging an image from a web page onto a panel on the same web page.)
However, I didn’t manage to make it work when dropping the item in another application (e.g. drag and drop an email from lotus notes or outlook to windows explorer.)
Is it possible to do this? And if so, is there a sample somewhere?

Thank you

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I’ve just tried dragging and dropping a file between two explorer windows, using the method described in that article (click down, hover, click up). Indeed it did not appear to work at first, but the trick to starting the drag seems to be to put the hover activity on the source window. You should then be able to immediately release the click in the target window, without an additional hover.

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Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately, I still cannot make it work. Even dragging a file from one explorer window to another explorer window doesn’t work. I must be doing something wrong but I don’t what. So I’m adding a screenshot of my sequence below (for dragging a file from one explorer window to another one)
Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you



This looks fine to me. Note that Windows Explorer can be sensitive to exactly where you click when dragging. In particular, when the item is unselected and you start dragging from within whitespace on the item’s line, this is interpreted as a selection drag and won’t grab the item. Dragging from the icon or any text details will select and then grab. If the item has been selected before, then dragging from anywhere in the selection box will trigger a grab.

As a human user you may not even be aware that it works like this, but the robot needs to be told every important action. In this case so you could either play with the Cursor position and offset or make sure the item is always selected before starting the drag.

Hope this helps,

Did you try changing the Key Modifiers of Clicks? Check if it works.

Ctrl to Copy , Shift to Move


vvaidya’s tip worked for me in the same Windows Explorer window. I could drag a file to a shortcut folder in “Favorites” or in sub-folder where the file was. Thank for the the tip!

I tried to drag and drop a file from one Windows Explorer to another one without any success. I used separate attach windows (click down in the first and hover/click_up in the other one) but it didn’t work at all. I think the scope of the Click_down activity is until of Attach window activity.

Does it make any sense to nest Attach window activities in each other (as in Youri’s example)? I would think that the selectors will be messed up like that.

Thank you for your reply but unfortunately it didn’t work with the key modifier.
However, I continued my research and I managed to make it work as follow:
After the click action with the click type ‘Click_down’, I added an action ‘Hover’ with a target in the same window (as Steven proposed)
Then, I attach the destination window and finally I add the click action with the click type ‘Click_up’.

So the trick is to force the Hover within the source window. Steven had written it clearly but I was still pointing the hover to the destination window.
Thank you all for your help.

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Ah, I did not catch that. Oh well, glad you are now sorted. :smile:

Hi all,
I’m automating an SAP application and in Sap, I have to fire Drag and drop action. But the problem is after I fire mouse down, It will not execute the Hover action. but I move my mouse little bit then Hover execute perfectly. Any workaround?


Sorry, did you manage to get around this problem? Perhaps in SAP it will work without hovering. We also have SAP at my workplace, so if you could point me to a screen where you can drag and drop, I could have a try myself.

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I have same problem, just not with sap, but with everything here. I try to drag one file from directory to another app or new folder which is in same directory, but still problem remains same. it selects file with click down, then i tried hover options of the starting position and ending and both together, after hover i select mouse up click target where i want to drag that file. And how it behaves almost in all cases, Pointer comes over the point where it should be dropped, but still it doesnt recognize that it can do at that point so it simply freezes and does nothing, but if you move a mouse a little bit, it recognizes area/folder, highlights it and drops file. I tried hover with simulate action to recognize mouse movement and select objects which are pointed with mouse, but it gives error. any ideas?

I solved the problem

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Dear Mr.lasithdilshan20
Can you share your solution to solve the problem? Currently, I have the same issue (Drag an item from SAP tree list and drop it). I also try to use click (click_down type), hover and then click (click_up type). But it does not work.

Sincerely yours,

I Have the same issue,I tried pointing out to the same window but the hover don’t seem to work unless I move the mouse a little.

Have you solved it?

Unfortunatly i haven’t

I actually solved it, what you have to do is when you are choosing the element of your hover activity the UiFramework must be in the default mode.


Hello, another easy way to do it is to change the “position” of the first hover (in Properties panel/Otpions / CursorPosition /Position).

So basically you use the same selector for the click down and the hover, but let the position of the click as "Centter " (default value) and put position “TopRight” for instance for the hover, to let the mouse mooves just enough to activates the drag and drop.
If it is still not working, i will advise to use a parallel activity for the all sequence (you will have to play with the DelayBefore/after of the activites).



seems to be a good idea I have to try it!

Hi Team @reda
use UiPath i can able to do drag and drop in website it is Possible !!!

what activity i need to use ?
see the screenshot too

hi @RaviDevaraj please refer to this link

it is an example in a browser, the drag and drop is automated using three commands

-Click with CLICK_DOWN in the click type
-Hover with the destination precised in the selector
-Another Click with CLICK_UP as the click type

hope this is helpful!