How to download image from tableau website to a specific folder?


What I’m trying to achieve at the moment is to save the preview image of the current page in a local folder, It is known that I can download it using the download button that comes with the page, but I don’t know how to find the source information from the page and use it to download it to a fixed folder.

Thank you!


when you click on that image icon then is it gettng automatically downloaded to folder or else any popup window is getting opened?


Hi @vrdabberu

The file automatically download after I click the item.


Would it help to change the browser settings to prompt for the download location? I think it could be done by following steps from this guide: How to Make Chrome Save Files to a Different Folder - - “Have Chome Ask Where to Save a File”


If its an browser then click the setting in browser and then access the downloads as shown below and change the folder from their so when you click the download then it automatically goes to the specific folder.


Hi @efelantti ,

Thank you for replying.
I also thought this way before but this flow won´t only be run on my laptop, so I do not think this way could be practicality.


Have you enabled the below marked option?


You still have the chance to change browser settings? In case it won’t affect other robots, changing this setting would make sense to me. You just need to remember to make a note of it, so that you remember to change it in the future as well (in case of browser updates, server migrations etc.).

Hi @efelantti @vrdabberu,

Thank you for replying again, I used the method you mentioned to use click activity realize it and it did work, but the problem is that once Google Chrome changes its place for the default download settings on the page, this process no longer works for me, so I’m trying to come up with other ways to do this, and if it’s possible to get the source files through the underlying code.


How doesn’t it work?

If you don’t want to change the Chrome setting, you could try to use this activity Activities - Wait for Download - You would need to specify the Chrome download folder as Monitored folder.