Downloading images from a browser

Hello I need some help with a process.

I have a browser where i search up images.
I want to download the images 1by1 store it in a folder, use them for my purpose then delete the images before the next search its made.

the approch to download its to select 1 image hit download -> deselect image -> go to next row and select that image - > then so on.

When downloading the browser also opens a new window for some seconds before its being downloaded.

Want to make sure that the robot gets all images

I can see like we can select all of them at a time
If so did we try with that option and hit download

Cheers @langsem

it only downloads 1 image :confused:

indicate on select all button

the select all button only downloads 1 image and not all of them. so i have to loop through all the rows and download them 1 by 1