How to download and save invoices

Hi Team,

I have to download invoice from web and upload it to the link provided on excel row by row till end.

Kindly help

Hello Jimmy,
You can download invoice by going to that web page, and using Send hotkey activity (CTRL + S) to save it.

When you get a popup windows you can use Type Into activity to type and save the dynamic value that you defined previously.

After that, you can use that same value to upload it to the link.

As for excel table. You need to use Excel Application Range Activity and Read Range activity to read the file, then you can use the DataTable to get links and go to them using Open Browser and Navigate To activities.

This process is not that hard, but there is a lot of stuff to do. Please try it your self and ask us if you find some problems.

Cheers Srdjan

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@srdjan.suc Do you have any reference case

For downloading you can try with any invoice or pdf file

Try this for example

So You need to be on that web page
Use Attach browser activity and indicate selector on that Web Page (you can modify the selector to be dynamic).

After that you can use Send Hotkey activity and do the stuff I explained. Try it your self it is not hard.

Alternatively you can use BalaReva Download file activity and send it this URL

You don’t have to “Click” it on excel.
You read the Excel table and put those values in DataRow, now in For Each Row you can Open Browser with that link. It would be something like Row(“Upload link”) then upload it.
And yea, don’t forget to close the browser at the end of the activity.

Optionally you can use Open Browser beforehand and use “Navigate To” activity for performances (not to open browser with each link)


Please see attached flowchart…

Do I have to add Open browser activity at the end of the loop…I am bit confused here…Flowchart.xaml (19.1 KB)

Can you please help me here

Hi Team,

I am trying to work on a process we’re I have to download invoices and save it with the name as on the excel sheet row…till the end of invoices


Have you tried anything and what error are you getting?

Hi guys, I use for that