Loop and download pdf links from excell

Hi guys!

i’m quit new to uipath and was wondering if someone could help me with a small project I was trying out.
I’m trying to loop throu an excell sheet with pdf links on it that i need downloaded on a file…

Hey Zaki,
I would recommend you:

  • Read the excel file with Read Range activity (make sure you check / uncheck Add headers property)
  • As and output of Read Range activity create a new system.DataTable variable “MyDataTable”
  • Use For Each Row activity
  • Inside For Each Row activity put Get Row Item activity
  • Choose a column index of your data table and save the output in a new string variable - “URL” (this will be your URL)
  • In the same For Each Row window use the Attach Browser and Navigate To activities
  • As a URL for Navigate To activity pass the variable “URL”

Good Luck,


Thanks!! you’re a awesome.

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Hey @esterba
there apears to be a problem. I’ve specified it as you said but for some reason i keep ketting the same message


Could you help?

This is how it looks

Try to keep in Excel application scope only read renge action and the others move to different scope.

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it works!

I made it a bit different. i used ‘open browser’ instead of ‘attach’. All the files/Urls open in seperate browser windows. thank alot!

However is there a do action (within the ‘open browser’ activity that directly downloads it? for some reason IE keeps popping up for each separate file a ‘would you like to save’ window.

(if you’re ever in belgium i’d buy you a drink for this!)

greatings Zaki

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I might use a drink sometimes :slight_smile:
Try to change the default settings of the browser instead of dealing with it in UiPath. Otherwise it should be enough to put the URL that ends with “.pdf”.
Good luck,

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