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Is there a way to update the Status column in a excel one by one once an invoice is download from the webpage its should go back to Excel->Status Column and update it as Open/Closed along with time stamp.


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  1. Use Read Range activity and read data from Excel file and will give you output as Datatable and say DT.

  2. Then use ForEach Row activity to iterate that Datatable.

        ForEach row in DT
             int index = DT.Rows.IndexOf(row)+2
             Use Write Cell activity and specify range like this:

If you are trying to write in E cell then

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Thanks for your quick help!

If I do this in more advance way I mean to say:-

Step 1: Search for the invoice in webpage
Step 2: Download the invoice
Step 3: Copy the Status from the webpage were it says Open/closed
Step4: Go back to Excel file and update the Copied status from webpage
I want this activity till the end of invoices in excel
is it possible?

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Yes it’s possible and put all those steps inside ForEach Row activity.


I am struggling with Step 3 & 4 not sure how to do it.

Many thanks If you would help me on this or suggest any similar related case you faced / answered in your posts.


Check below threads.

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Hi Team,

I need help once the invoice is downloaded it should go back to excel and update the status column as Done. ( Exception should be say for example the invoice is not download its should update status as Pending…this process should loop till end of invoices in Excel sheet.

Please help

Declare a variable “Status”
Use Try Catch Activity

  1. In Try block at last of all your activity assign value to “Status” as “Done”
  2. In Catch block capture the exception and assign value to “Status” as “Pending”
  3. In Finally Block use Write activity and write the Status in the excel.
    Hope this will help you

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Do I have to set a variable for the loop and put that in condition??

Not sure on this.

@lakshman Thank you… it helped in my case…!!

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